Robaina's plantation

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Cars of Havana (Pictorial) March 2018

                   As always, I can't resist taking pictures of these classic cars in whatever condition they're in. Obviously, some cars are in better shape than others but all are a curiosity in a tourist's eyes because nowhere else in the world is there such a high concentration of cars from this era in use, on a regularly basis. They may not have many original parts remaining but what a wonder to behold nonetheless. I'm more used to seeing them than the newbie tourist, having traveled here many times, but I still get a kick out of them. These pictures were all taken in Havana.


Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop (Havana) New Location

                    I finally got to see the new shop first hand on my latest trip last month. Also, things are back to normal as far as Alex goes, he's back at work full time at the Comodoro. I'm sad to say that my Scrabble partner and ex-manager of the shop, Andres, has left for the shop at the 'El Aljibe' restaurant....yes, you understood correctly. However, the ever lovely and accommodating, Fara, thank goodness, is still there.
                    The shop is brand new, it seems to be a smaller space but the amount of seats they have for smokers seems to be about the same (and better). Now they have a bathroom (bonus) and a separate smoking room in addition to main one. They still have a TV hooked up to the hotel's satellite and there's a bar with servers just outside the door, part of the new hotel area. The only drawback is you can't smoke in this bar area but you can order drinks to have in the shop. I picked up a few wifi cards to link my cell phone and for the most part the connection is pretty good, much better than before. This is my neighborhood Cigar Shop and my go-to place when I have to kill some time, perfect to catch up on emails and the news outside of Cuba.
                     Anyone who's come here will tell you that the hospitality here is the best and Alejandro rolls great cigars. If you contact him before you go to Cuba, he can roll you some special vitolas that aren't in his humidor.

Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop
3ra y Calle 84
Miramar, Playa, Havana
tel. 204-5551 ext.1272

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Salvador Carbajal Rodriguez (Tobacco Grower) San Luis, Pinar del Rio March 2018

                       No trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to my friend's farm in San Luis, Pinar del Rio. Salvador and I go back more than a decade and although many things have change during that time, our friendship has only gotten stronger. On this visit I brought my family and best friend, they were in town to help me celebrate my wedding. Salvador put out an extra special spread for all of us, they cook some of the best food I've eaten in Cuba....good old fashioned country cooking. It was a shame the tobacco plants had already been harvested, the family would have been in awe, as I always am, to have been able to see them in the ground. However, they were able to see the process of the leaves within the curing barns as well as seeing a rolling demonstration by the lovable Luis Felipe the house roller. It was a beautiful day, we smoked some great cigars and the company was the best. Everyone is doing fine on the farm, including the new addition to the family. Thanks for the wonderful time Salvador.