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Monday, 17 April 2017

Partagás Maduro No.1 (2015) Habanos Specialist Exclusive (my thoughts)

                   I had the good fortune of smoking one of these before their release and I remember loving them. This 52 x 130mm (5.1") cigar that they call a Robusto was suppose to be released in 2015 but I didn't see any boxes until well into 2016 when I bought one....they come in boxes of 25 cigars.
                    At first glance, the one I had picked out to smoke wasn't very pretty. It was hard to the touch, veiny, bumpy, with a dark wrapper (obviously) and an ugly cap, but looks can be deceiving when it comes to a cigar. The pre-light draw was very woody. Once lit the draw was perfect and it gave the impression of being a medium to strong smoke. The burn was perfect, at least so far, and it had the typical maduro-like flavours, very earthy.
                   When it was around the one inch mark the burn was slightly off and a half inch later the ash fell on it's own. Finally a different flavour profile than what has been the norm lately but after a while this too got tiring as the flavours didn't change throughout the time that I smoked it. Earth overpowered any other flavours and the strength became progressively stronger until at last it was too much to bear and I had to put it down near the end. The burn had straightened itself out before the end but the flavours remained the same throughout...pretty boring. Will it change through the years? I hope it does because it has the potential to be something very nice if that would be the case. Will I have the patience to wait? I guess this will be another one of those boxes that get thrown in the back of my humidor to be forgotten until.....who knows when. I will revisit them in a year or so. The unfortunate thing is that a cigar like this, if it ever becomes good, won't be known until some time down the road. When that discovery is made, it will be too late, none will be found, at least not at their original price.

PS.......forgot to mention the Box Date is Sept.2016

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hotel Melia Habana LCDH (Miramar) Havana March 2016

                    Actually the pictures below were taken November 2016 and this past March 2017. Although I like the setup of this shop (it's a comfortable place to smoke a cigar with a well stocked bar), it's always been a little too formal for my taste. There was a time I couldn't take pictures, then I could and now I can't. I snuck a few of the humidor last November before they said anything and this time I didn't enter the humidor and was discrete with the ones I took. The shots of Alex are Alex, he's been rolling at this Casa for over 6 months now while Yolanda is off somewhere in Asia. I've never gotten a straight answer on when she'll be back. I missed Alex this past March, those pictures were taken November 2016. If you haven't tried his cigars, you must, they're very good. The walk-in humidor here is stocked pretty good but it's been stripped clean of any of the fancy cigars, just the typical pedestrian stuff along with the Anejados that they just can't get rid of is all I could find. I have found and bought something here from time to time but it's getting harder to find anything worth buying nowadays. It's worth popping in to smoke a custom roll of either Yolanda or my friend Alex.

Hotel Melia Habana
Ave. 3ra. e/ 76 y 80
Miramar, Playa
Havana, Cuba

Lamparilla Tapas & Cervezas (Restaurant) in Havana, continues to please

                     I've now been to this place several times and it continues to be consistently good. A little out of my way while walking through Old Havana but I don't regret it when I'm greeted with obvious recognition by the bubbly hostess who has been there on each of my visits. Besides the food being so good and reasonably priced, they cater to smokers, the owner used to work at the Partagas LCDH. They have a space set aside upstairs that has a cigar theme but smoking is allowed on the street level as well. If you want to know what to eat, everything I've tried, I've enjoyed, nothing has disappointed me. Below I've posted pictures from my last two visits, one of which was this past March. If you're in the area pay them a visit, they won't disappoint you.

PS.......I've never used their toilet until this past visit, and yes, I posted pictures of it....I just thought it was so cool.

Lamparilla #361 e/ Aguacate y Villegas
Habana Vieja (near Plaza del Cristo)
Tel: +53 5289 5324
Hours: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm

Tacos 7.00

Ribs 8.00

Black Beans & Rice 


Croquetas de Pollo 3.00

Ribs 8.00

Chocolate Dessert

Tres Leche Dessert