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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hector Luis Prieto Tobacco Plantation (Pinar del Rio) A Visit

                 I met Hector a few years ago on his farm the year after he had won the Hombre Habano award in 2009. When he won the award in 2008, he was the youngest man to have ever done so. Almost five years have gone by and some very notable changes have taken place on his property. What was once a dream of his has now become a reality. A lovely Ranchon with a stocked bar (& electricity to power my laptop) has been built which can accommodate a good number of people. He's all setup to receive large groups of tourists who take tours along the Tobacco Route in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. He finally finished building his house and also had a nice Humidor/Office erected which is where he keeps his Habano's award as well as his personal stock of cigars....he's an avid smoker. I found Hector more laid back than I did the last time, he seems to have settled in nicely to his new found fame. I also found tobacco growing when it shouldn't have been. Last year's growing season, which is usually between Nov.-Feb., was horrible. Most everyone lost a good deal of their crops due to way too much rain. However, the Spring has proven to be ideal for growing tobacco this year so why not take advantage of the great conditions and make up for lost product. I was assured the quality of the leaf would be no different and the quality of tobacco on this plantation is one of the best in Cuba.
                 Miquel, the ever animated house roller, is still there and still rolling some of the best cigars on this side of the island. I met him before he worked for Hector while he rolled cigars for another farmer. You can't pay a visit to one of these places and not have one of their house specialties...I had two. Everything seems to be fine as I found everyone relaxed and in good spirits. Below are a few of the pictures I took while I was there.

Hector Luis Prieto Diaz,
Hombre Habano,
Finca Quemado de Rubi,
San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Rio

Curing Barn

Miquel (House Roller)

Hector Luis


Hector's House


  1. Very nice as usual Matt. I am fortunate enough to have 5 farm rolled from HLP. The robusto from 2012 I just had was superb.

  2. Yeah Helix, anything from that farm is good.

  3. I had one of his custom rolls (wrapped in newspaper, in drawer), it was DEVINE !!!! Custom Rolls are my Favorite ;0)

  4. Hola Matteo, the 2017 encuentro de Partagas' was awesome. We went to Santiago de Cuba to tour the rum factory and smoked excellent puros. Buena suerta hermano! Tu amigo Vince de Vancouver