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Sunday 3 August 2014

La Flor de Cano 'Gran Cano' Edición Regional Gran Bretaña 2013 (cigar review)

                  This was one of a few cigars that a friend of mine from Turkey sent me. He was on a trip to the UK and knew I wanted something from that region and so here it is. This particular cigar didn't travel well, it had flattened out a bit and some of the wrapper was peeling off. I have a tiny vial of liquid used to repair cigars, it's called 'El Ligador' and it has done a great job of repairing a few sticks of mine that have met the same fate. I had done the touch-up a few weeks ago and although I could make out a crack or two, the liquid had done an excellent repair job. My only worry was that it might open up on me after it was lit. I can tell you now that no such thing happened and that I had no issues with this cigar, construction-wise, throughout the time that I smoked it. This cigar is known as a 'Gordito' or a 'Robusto Extra' and weighs in at 50 x 141 (5.6"). They were a 2013 release with an unknown amount of numbered boxes of 10 cigars being produced.
                   This cigar had a bumpy cap....actually kind of bumpy all over with a little give when squeezed. I tasted a bit of cedar on the pre-light draw. Once lit I picked-up big wood with earthy undertones and a hint of floral and citrus.....the draw was perfect. That hint of floral-citrus disappeared almost immediately making way for only the wood and earth with leather coming into the picture when I neared the second half. The burn was off right from the start and continued that way, to some degree or another, all the way through. I flicked the ash at the first inch and touch up the cigar with my torch.
                   The ash fell on it's own past the halfway mark and what began as a slightly stronger than medium bodied cigar was turning out to be closer to mild at this point. Very smooth for a cigar this young, I actually couldn't tell that this cigar was only a year old. The final half was all about leather and wood and I was able to smoke it down to the end with no unpleasant flavours creeping in. It did go out a couple of times and the burn was still off but otherwise an excellent cigar.
                   I didn't find this cigar very complicated at all but I was very surprised at how smooth it was for a such a young cigar. I don't know what a little time will do to it but I can tell you it's smoking pretty good right now. If the price is right and you're not into overly strong cigars, I suggest you try this one if you can get your hands on it. It would also be a good cigar for a novice cigar smoker.

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