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Friday 13 February 2015

Robaina Petit Robusto Edición Regional Francia 2010 (cigar review)

                 This cigar weighs in at 50 x 102 (4") but didn't make it's 2010 release. Instead, 3,500 numbered, varnished, slide boxes of 10 cigars each were released about 2 years later. A great size for our Canadian winter weather.
                  The cigar I smoked on this day was gifted to me by a friend. It was a little bumpy but otherwise smooth and as hard as a rock....I'm always worried about the draw when Cuban cigars are like this before lighting then. However, upon cutting the bumpy cap I took a pre-light draw and it appeared to be just fine and tasted a bit on the sweet side. Once lit and after taking a few draws, the burn was off. The start of this cigar was mild with wood and straw flavours. The draw was perfect and it was tasting creamy at about the 3/4" mark. A little further into this cigar and the Cream is gone being replaced by earth....yeah, what a change-up, more earth than wood. The burn seamed to straighten out only to go off again past the first inch.
                   Nearing the half I touched up the cigar with my torch and shortly after that the ash fell on it's own. It's all earth now and still mild. I had to continually touch-up this cigar, I can't stand to leave it alone to burn that way, sometimes affecting the flavour. I was able to smoke it pretty much to the end. It didn't start becoming harsh until into the last 1/4.
                    I liked it even though it was a little mild. The flavours were uncomplicated and pleasant. If I was offered to buy this cigar, I would take a box of ten for sure (anyone selling any?). Especially good for people just getting into Cuban Cigars. I'm sure it's not too expensive either.

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