Robaina's plantation

Friday 27 November 2015

Partagas Encuentro Humidors Nov.2015 (Havana)

                  During the week long festival (Nov.16-20) that centers around the Partagas Shop in Havana there has always been, on display through the week, the humidors that will go up for auction on the evening on the final event, the Gala Dinner. The humidors will be filled with a certain number of cigars that were not shown to the public during this week and that I didn't have an opportunity to photograph on the evening of the auction (I was having too good a time to remember). Over the last few years, in addition the auctioned humidors, there has also been an eclectic collection of smaller (empty) humidors on display for sale to the general public. Below are pictured most of those humidors, some of which may still be available.