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Friday 19 February 2016

La Cuenca Paladar (Vinales) My Thoughts

                     The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and booming in Cuba nowadays and there are few places where that is most evident than in the small bustling town of Vinales in the Province of Pinar del Rio. This part of the Province and specifically this town have always seen a greater amount of tourism but now that the rules have changed for Cubans and it's easier to open a business, many here have embraced that freedom and gone into business for themselves. The town couldn't sustain the growing number of tourists that visited (or wanted to) from one year to the next, so one of those businesses that's very evident are the houses that rent out seems like every other house rents out a room or more in this town. The other business that has seen a visible increase are restaurants.
                     This restaurant was being built during one of my trips and a few months later it was open. Wow, things don't usually move that fast in Cuba but here it is. Not only did they open quickly after starting construction but they did a fantastic job on the decor. The menu is basic and almost a copy of another spot down the road but with cheaper prices. There were more than a couple of items that caught my eye. They're on a corner lot so they have a long thin patio to one side of the building and couple of tables out front. The inside is long and narrow with a bar about half way, everything is black and white.
                     The atmosphere was a little depressing since we were the only ones there and although the food was passable, I don't believe that was the reason. It had just opened recently and hadn't been able to win over a clientele yet. The service was pleasant and the kitchen was visible to the customers with everything looking very clean. I think they will have success because of there location right on the main street not far from the town square and the lack of nicer looking restaurants. This spot stands out with their decor and I'm sure that my eyes weren't the only ones attracted to it. If you're going to spend a few days in Vinales this place is definitely worth a visit.

La Cuenca Paladar
Salvador Cisnero No. 97
Vinales, Cuba

Filete de Pescado al Horno (baked fish fillet)

Mediterraneo (breaded fried pork medallions)

Pato de Corral (duck)

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