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Friday 13 May 2016

Panaderia Dulceria San Jose (Havana)

                   Anytime I've come to this place there's been a lineup. I myself am not a big sweets guy but my girlfriend is and she swears by this place if we're in Old Havana....and she's Cuban. But even if she didn't say the place was one of the best in the city, the line doesn't lie and they're not tourists that are waiting to be served. It's located right on Calle Obispo and gets a lot of walk-by traffic since Obispo is a pedestrian throughway. They have a number of tables with umbrellas set up on the street so you can have your purchases in comfort before heading on your way....and nothing is expensive by a tourist's standards. Oh!!...they don't just make pastries and cakes, they're a bakery, they sell some pretty good bread as well.

Panaderia Dulceria San Jose
Calle Obipso 159
Habana Vieja

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