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Wednesday 28 September 2011

The best pizza in Cuba is in Guanabo.

           Hello again. This post will be about what I consiuder to be the best pizza in Cuba and actually it's better than some of the restaurants I've been to here in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. The place is called 'Piccolo' in Guanabo, about 20 minutes outside of Havana at the far end of the Playa del Este, the Eastern Beaches.
           Pizza is sold just about everywhere in Cuba and most of it is pretty bad by our standards. If you're looking to fill your belly or you don't know any better, you're okay. I think that all the all-inclusive hotels offer pizza as a food availabe 24 hours. Nowhere in all my travels in Cuba have I found a pizza that's as good as this. Not only is it good, it's been consistantly good through the years & has become a place to go to when my travels take me to Havana. No trip to the beaches excludes a trip to 'Piccolo'.
           Friends of mine discovered it several years ago on an all-inclusive trip to the Eastern Beaches. Not long after that I was spending 3 days at a house on the beach in Guanabo & decided to look for this restaurant. As luck had it, Piccolo was 200 meters away from the place I was renting. We were there every day. The pizzas are great and people tell me the pastas are good too. I will not eat pasta anywhere except when I cook it so this not a reflection of the restaurant. I trust the people who told me the pasta was good. Every trip I take to Havana that's more than a few days, I plan a visit to the beaches and take a meal at Piccolo and I recommend you do the same.

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  1. Ciao, vedo che hai mangiato la pizza al Piccolo di Guanabo, io son 12 anni che lo frequento, se sarai a Cuba a fine anno magari una sera ci troviamo a mangiare la pizza assieme... hola!