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Saturday 1 October 2011

La Imprenta, Habana Vieja (restaurant review)

             A couple of trips ago I came accross a new restaurant by mistake. I had just come out of 'Conde de Villanueva' on Calle Mercaderes at around lunch time, turned right and just down the street on Mercaderes was 'La Imprenta'. I didn't know when we were walking in that is was their first day of business.
             The theme of the restaurant is that of a printing house with an old printing press and other antique objects strategically placed around the large dining area. The tables and chairs are letters of the alphabet and numbers. The decor is great. I didn't feel like I was in Cuba. I sat at the bar and got a great view of the entire restaurant. Behind the bar you can see the local 'Granma' newspaper available in several languages for you to read if you wish.
              As far as the menu goes, I haven't had a full meal. I did however on several occasions have the tapas and the Cuban pork sandwich and I can tell you I enjoyed them every time. Decent selection, tasty and very cheap. I saw a couple close by having a main course and remember thinking I have to come back and do a proper test in the future. For the time being, 'La Imprenta' is one of my favourite places for a quick snack. I'll write about it again when I return for a full meal.

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