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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Petit Edmundo & Lusitania (reviews)

                Well for those of you who follow me, you know that one of the smokes I came back with from Cuba was a 10 pack of Petit Edmundos. You would also know that they looked absolutely yummy. I had to wait for myself and two other friends to be together to  have the first smoke from this box. They were a gift and that was the condition, that we all have one together (one each that is). I was tempted but a promise is a promise. I didn't mind.
                 Upon pulling them out, they still looked beautiful with an almost light coloured, dry wrapper. It was as hard as a rock with a slight box press. The draw was perfect with the typical Monte flavour but a little on the light side. It started just a little spicy but soon mellowed out. Very easy to smoke and I was able to get huge mouthfuls of smoke from each draw I took. I hate fighting with a cigar. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't loose at all. Just an excellent smoking cigar that burned almost perfectly. It began to burn a little uneven close to halfway mark but staightened itself out without my help. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these cigars. I hadn't had one for a while. It started to turn on me when there was about 1/3 remaining. The ash had dropped by itself about halfway through and at the 1/4 mark I gave it up. Good to the end. A very mild smoke for my taste and would probably make a first smoke of the day the next time, maybe with my morning coffee.

                  The Lusitania, on the other hand, was almost sweet on the dry draw. Another hard cigar that was perfectly rolled. What a great night, two beautifully rolled cigars in a row. I just brought this baby back from Cuba as well (more gifts). Once lit, it had hints of cedar and the draw was confirmed. Just a hair firmer than the Monte but just as easy to smoke. The wrapper had just a couple of slightly visible veins but was otherwise smooth and a little darker than the Monte. The ash dropped sooner on this stick but who cares, sometimes it's for the better. Medium body and very much like a Lusitania and picked up a little strength at about the halfway mark. I had to touch it up a little 2 inches from the end but otherwise a near perfect burn most of the way and still tasting great. When there was about an inch left I had to put it down, my head was beginning to spin. Great night for cigar smoking despite the 3 degrees celcius outside.
                 Oh and by the way, the drink of choice for the night was a nice Rum from Trinidad, the 12 year old Zaya Gran Riserva. It wasn't as nice as the Zacapa we had with the Behike but good just the same.

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