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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Train Junk Yard, Havana, Cuba

           Ever walk behind the Capitolio building in Old Havana and wonder what that pile of junk is doing there next to the Partagas cigar factory. Well, it is a Junk Yard of a sort but it's also a place where they restore old otherwise junk trains. Most of the stuff that's there are trains, although on my last trip there were a couple of buses there as well. Once restored (however long that might take) they usually end up at the Train Museum. I'll do a post on the museum when I have more information. For now, here are a few picks showing what you may find in the Junk Yard. Enjoy


  1. Hola, we will be in La hanana next week and would love to find this junkyard, could you provide a name or address we could use to find it? Also, a recommendation to roll and smoke a cuban cigar and a place to watch a baseball game (any level). We love your blog!

    1. Hola, I'm sorry to say that this place no longer exists but you can check out the train museum, check this link:

    2. Baseball:

      Cigar Shops in Old Havana: