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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Casa Estudios Alicia (new addition to Cuba Casa Rentals) Miramar Havana

                 Those of you who follow my blog, or a social media I connect my blog posts to, know that I have a site called 'Cuba Casa Rentals' where I have a list of Apartments, Rooms and Casas (in Havana for now) that I represent which rent out their spaces to tourists. As I have said recently on one of my blog posts, it may be the only way to go in Cuba with the increase in tourism this year and an infrastructure, especially with hotels, that's not equipped to handle it....that is to say that there aren't enough rooms to go around. Cuba Casa Rentals needs to be refreshed, we need to expand to other parts of Cuba and make some adjustments and additions to our Havana properties as well. Until I have an amount of places to make it worth while for that change, I will show the new properties periodically as blog posts.
                   One of the properties we wish to add to our site is the Casa Estudios Alicia located in a quiet, upscale residential area of Miramar that's not far from the ocean....don't get excited, you're not close to a beach unless you count the little strip at the Club Havana about a 10 minute drive away. The downtown core of Havana is about a 10 minute drive in the other direction. The house is split into 3 studio apartments all with their own bathroom, small basically equipped kitchens (Fridge, utensils and stove), separate entrances and private terraces. The bedrooms have A/C and/or fans, the bathrooms hot and cold running water, the spaces include TV and phone and there's even a place to park your car if you're renting one. If you chose to start the day off right, for a fee (usually 5cuc), they can even provide you breakfast. Also for a fee, convenient for longer stays, they have laundry service. On request, they can hook you up with a private car and chauffeur.
                   Although it's away from the hustle and bustle of Old Havana and it might seem like there's nothing around you, it's kinda right but not entirely true. Yes, you can't step outside the house and find action at your doorstep as you might find downtown but I've discovered that if you know your way around this part of the city you have enough places to keep you occupied. Restaurants and Cafes are quite plentiful, hotels such as the Melia Habana, Occidental Miramar and Panorama where for a small fee you can spend a few hours at their pools....and of course you have the cigar shops at: Hotel Comodoro (Alex), Melia Habana (Yolanda), 5ta y 16 (Maria and Robaina) only about a 10 minute walk away, Club Havana (Jorge) and Hotel Palco (Arnaldo). If you're a cigar smoker, as I am, to have this many quality cigar shops in close proximity is a bonus.
                  When I travel to Cuba I stay close to this house so I know the area quite well. Pleasant boulevards, outdoor markets for fruits and vegetables, supermarkets for your other foods and beverages and close to the Commercial Center that besides all the eateries and stores it contains a wonderful wine bar where I've purchased my fare share of international wines at reasonable prices.
                  In my opinion, for the price (40cuc per room per night), in this part of the city (Calle 36 e/1ra y 3ra), this is a bargain. If anyone is interested in renting this space on a future trip to Havana, don't hesitate to contact me for availability. I would love to send these lovely people some business.

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