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Wednesday 20 January 2016

Motivos y Razones Restaurant Bar (Havana) A Visit

                   The last time we visited this restaurant was about a year ago but that wasn't because we didn't like the place, it's just that there are so many restaurants to go to in Havana that it's taken this long to return....and that was only because we were literally walking in the area and it was time to have lunch. Located behind the Hotel Presidente on Calle F that runs parallel to Ave. de Los Presidentes, we were coming from the Napoleonic Museum near the University. We remembered the ribs being amazing and they didn't disappoint us....and so cheap. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced. One of their specialties is the roast chicken, so I thought, why not have that for my main course after my appetizer ribs. I couldn't finish the chicken (half chicken) that was the best chicken I've eaten anywhere in Cuba. I know, you might say "It's only chicken" but sometimes, as this was the case, you want something simple and you want it to be good. As us frequent travelers to Cuba have found out, they can screw up the simplest things down here. My date had the fish filet with the shrimps that she was quite happy with. Once again, except for the horrible service, this restaurant was a pleasure to eat in. The service isn't always this bad, the last two times we came our servers were very pleasant. The meal with desserts and drinks (check out the bill below), including the 10% gratuity which the restaurant adds, was 27.45cuc, I consider that very reasonable. If you're in the area don't hesitate to try this place.

PS.......if you prefer a non-smoking air-conditioned environment, they also have another closed section (we were on the patio section) with a different (more formal) menu that's only slightly more expensive. Since I smoke cigars I'm always looking for a space where I can ply my vice. The restaurant is actually called Motivos y Razones, one section being called one and the other the other name...I don't remember which is which but the names translated mean "Motives and Reasons".

Restaurant Bar Razones
Calle F no.63 e/3ra y 5ta
Vedado, Havana
tel. (53 7) 8328732
cell (53 5) 2366080

Terrible Waiter


View from Patio

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