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Monday 27 June 2016

Art in Cuba (random photos over the years)

                     There is no end to do the Art on display in just about every location conceivable in Cuba and over the years I've accumulated literally thousands of pictures pertaining to this topic during my many travels there. Many of the pictures I've taken have never made it on my blog and I noticed that while cleaning up some files that were in limbo. This is just a small part of the Art pictures that didn't make the cut....and maybe the odd one that I forgot I used already.

breakfast 2011 Julio Ferrer


finalmente 2014 Gilberto Frometa

serie tierra oscura vii Mario Garcia Portela

wifredo lam 1970

desajuste 2014 Gilberto Frometa

Juan Suarez Blanco


playa con sombrillas 2015 Miguel Alejandro Machado

Vladimir de Leon Llaguno

lancelot alonso

Juan Leo Brouwer

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