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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Cuban Cigar Handbook (on Amazon) by Matteo Speranza and Friends

                        A few months ago someone contacted me with an offer to be a major contributor to a book he was putting together, the book would be called 'Cuban Cigar Handbook'. It's a comprehensive journey into the world of cigars dealing with aspects that one does not think of immediately when speaking of cigars. I wouldn't be alone, others were contacted as well, someone I knew personally and others by reputation. The book is geared for both the novice and seasoned aficionado. It's a great read for anyone interested in the world of tobacco and cigars. Lots of pictures, a good mix of reference to cigar brands and some nice stories, there's a little bit of something for everyone. The cover alone will make you want to pick it up and open it. Below are a few of the pictures you'll find in the book that were taken by me.

Some Topics and/or stories:

Rudyard Kipling on Cigars
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Tobacco Growing Regions of Cuba
Profiles of Cigar Rollers of Cuba
Choosing Your First Humidor
Plazas of Havana
How to Spot Fake Cuban Cigars
The Burning Question: Burn Issues in Cigars
Cuban Rum & Cigars
Hemingway in Cuba
Catalog of Cuban Cigar Manufacturers
Cigar Index
Recommended Cuban Cigar Websites for Further Reading more

Available on for $26.62

As described by Amazon:
The Most Definitive Guide to Cuban Cigars!

For more than two centuries, Cuban cigars have been heralded as the best cigars in the world. More than just a cigar, they're an art form, with tobacco growers and hand-rollers considered artists. Today, there are more than 200 varieties to discover, and this essential guide highlights each one. Featuring insights from industry experts like Gary Korb and Denis K. Toulouse, The Cuban Cigar Handbook presents an in-depth look at a wide range of fascinating topics, including:

* a complete history of Cuban cigars

* how to spot fakes

* stories of celebrated cigar aficionados from Ernest Hemingway to Rudyard Kipling

* the best Cuban rum to pair with a cigar

* vivid descriptions of Cuba and its environs

* dynamic profiles of growers, hand-rollers, and producers

* and so much more!

This is the ultimate handbook for any burgeoning cigar enthusiast or seasoned connoisseur.

Hardcover | 368 pages
Dimensions 152 x 222 x 38mm | 907g


  1. Great job Brother😎👍
    Just purchased my copy and I love the way you made the book look like a box of cigars.🙌🏽

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  3. Also picked up a copy.Was in Conde de Villanueva 2 weeks ago ..mentioned your name to Reynaldo said to say hello.Bought a hand full of custom #2's looking forward to them....and the book.Cheers. Rob.

    1. Hey Rob, glad you had a good time and thanks for the salutations. I hope you enjoy the book.