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Friday 24 March 2017

Al Carbon (Restaurant) Havana

                  I had just left ChaChaCha where I had an appetizer, Al Carbon was around the corner. I was on a mission to visit 4 restaurants in about 4 hours. This would be restaurant number three, where I would have my main course. I had mentioned on the Post for ChaChaCha that it was a non-smoking environment. This restaurant would be the opposite, my custom rolled cigar would be allowed, and lit. The restaurant is owned by Ivan Chef Justo who also owns the restaurant that goes by his name (upstairs) where they don't allow smoking. The place was packed and noisy, not a table in site, we sat at the bar. I love sitting at a bar of a restaurant, you get a bird'e eye view of the place and a personal bartender. The cocktails came in very funky glasses but this wasn't a cheap place. By our standards the place is a bargain but compared to the norm it's about 30% more expensive on avarage. The espresso (cohiba) coffee is $3, Bucanero Beer $3. I'm happy to be able to smoke my cigar in such a funky atmosphere (Cuban Roadhouse with an eclectic mix of artwork and memorabilia) and don't mind paying the extra especially when the food is good....and it was. I only had the pork ribs, which were succulent and very delicious, but I've got my eye on a couple of other items. I'll return with the intention of having a full meal & with my spouse. They specialize in traditional Cuban Cuisine and use charcoal, you can see the cooks though the glass facing the dining room. The menu changes according to what is in season or available at the time. Apparently the signature dish is the Pulled Lamb, that's going to have to be my main course on the next visit. I didn't get a chance to see the wine list but I read somewhere that it's mostly Spanish which is fine by me. Besides, a Spanish wine would go best with Cuban Cuisine as it's influence comes from Spain. The service was professional but may come off a little snobby, I myself was fine. I loved the place, make a reservation, the pictures below were taken around 3:30pm and it was jammed.
PS........check out the bed that's been converted into a 4 seat table.

Al Carbon
Calle Aguacate No. 9 Esq./ Chacon
53 7863 9697