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Monday 20 March 2017

La Foresta (Restaurant) Siboney, Havana

                  People I know have been telling me to come to this place since about the time it first opened about a year and a half ago. It's located in Playa, Miramar, in what once was an old mansion with a considerable amount of space and foliage in the rear of the building. As with all Paladares in Cuba, the ground floor and the back area have been converted into the restaurant. The front still looks like the house it used to be with no flashy gimmicks giving away the fact that it's one of the latest on a long list of exceptional restaurants that have opened up lately in Havana....only one small sign next to the entrance. When you enter the house you're actually in the main air-conditioned dining room with a small sit down bar on one side and kitchen on the other. Exiting the rear of the building you have a well sized covered patio and surrounded by trees and other tropical plants you have a couple of lounging spaces as well as one more small covered dining area in what used to be the backyard.
                   The selection of menu items is considerably voluminous covering a good range of products....which makes me want to come back, especially after the wonderful experience I had. The food was great, the service exceptional and the atmosphere was icing on the cake. In my opinion the prices are reasonable and the food was well prepared....I've already picked out what I want to have next time. My partner said that her pumpkin soup was the best she'd ever had and her Swordfish was cooked to perfection, just enough to be cooked but not so much that it would have been dry. My starter the Tacos were stuffed with fresh ingredients but could have used some kind of (or more of) a sauce within to have made the chicken a little less dry. My Ribs were not the fall off the bone kind but very tasty nonetheless. The wine....something I've never done in Cuba is send one back because of it being corked, which is what I had to do this time. It was accepted without a hint of attitude and of course I got another bottle. I loved the presentation of the dessert, Guava halves in syrup stuffed with cream cheese. They have a nice cocktail list and make a pretty good Mojito. The only complaint I have is that being in a forest you could get mosquitoes coming around even in the mid-afternoon as I did.
                   I will definitely return to this restaurant (bringing my Off spray) and recommend it to anyone who's reading this post. For about 20cuc per person you can have a very nice meal, the only problem is getting there. It's a bit out of the way and would require a taxi to reach it....but well worth the trouble.

PS.....smoking is allowed outdoors.

La Foresta
Calle 17 e/ 174 y 176
Rpto. Siboney, Playa
Miramar, Havana
tel. (7) 271 2777

main dining room 

covered patio

Pumpkin Soup $3.00

Tacos $4.80

Swordfish $12.00

Pork Ribs $6.50

Stuffed Guava Dessert $2.50

covered patio area

main dining room 

lounge and additional dining out back

back of the building and covered patio

sit down bar in main dining room


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