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Monday 3 December 2018

Club Havana LCDH (Miramar) Havana

                 I haven't visited this La Casa del Habano in a couple of years, it was about time I returned. It's one of the best stocked Cigar Shop in the city. The famous 'Enrique Mons', ex-boss of quality control for the Cuban Cigar Industry years ago was once the manager of this store. It's where the Monsdale gets it's name....he passed away several years ago. He was thought to be the most knowledgeable person on the topic of cigars in Cuba while he was alive.
                  The shop is located at the old Biltmore Yacht & Country Club which today is known as 'Club Havana'. To enter the grounds you will have to pass a security check. Just tell them you're going to the Cigar Shop and they'll let you pass. You can see the store on the left side of the complex from the gate. When you enter the shop you have the counter directly in front of you with the impressive walk-in humidor to the right and the roller's table down in the end. To your left is the door to the entrance of the Smoking Lounge. The lounge has a bar (and bartender) with several groups of big comfy chairs and if that isn't enough space or you need a little privacy, there's another large room that's used as a second lounge or for private meetings.
                  The shop was minus Jorge Lopez, the house roller, he's moved to Chile if I'm not mistaken. He has been replaced by Reynol Perez Pereira....don't worry, he's another competent roller.


Club Havana
5th Ave. e/188 y 192
Miramar, Playa, Havana
tel: (7) 275-0288 or (7) 275-0100 ext.116

Main Smoking Lounge

Second Smoking Lounge

The Late Enrique Mons

New Roller Reynol Perez Pereira

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