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Monday 9 December 2019

Antojos (new Restaurant) Havana

                  Surrounded by several restaurants on a pedestrian only street, Callejón de Espada in Old Havana, I discovered this eatery by chance. My wife and I made a date to meet a friend here via his recommendation. Neither one of us had heard of this place that opened recently in February of 2019. Considered a Cuban Cuisine restaurant, the menu definitely reflected that as all the dishes were Cuban. The variety of menu items wasn't vast but the quality and presentation of both the food and cocktails was wasn't a difficult choice for me. My cocktail, a Caipirinha and my wife's Mojito were both excellent, very well prepared. The Croquetas we had as a starter were top notch and our main courses of Ribs and the Masa de Cerdo Fritto were excellent, both served (as with all main the courses) with rice and beans on the side. The staff is friendly and attentive, it was a pleasurable experience. The decor has been well applied giving the place a nostalgic feeling, it felt cozy. No smoking permitted indoors but allowed at the four tables outside.
                Reasonably priced, cheap for what your getting in my opinion....for the three of us, our meals plus 3 cocktails and 4 beers came to $53. I consider that pretty good, our taxi from Playa both ways cost us more than half that amount. Worth a visit if you're in the's hard to decide where to eat in this part of the city as there are quite a few choices.

PS....I can't find this street on my maps....the actual street is on the maps I looked at but the name of the street is not.
PS.....Antojos translated into English means Whim (Impulse or Urge).

Callejón Espada e/ Cuarteles y Chacon
Habana Vieja, Havana,
5-277-2577 or +53 5 3321539
Hours: 11am-midnight

Fried Pork Skin (free with drinks)

Croquettas de La Casa (House Croquettes)  $3.50

Masa de Cerdo Frito (Fried Pork)  $7.50

Beans & Rice (free with every main course)

Ensalada Campesina (Country Salad) $5.50

Costillas de Cerdo (Pork Ribs)  $7.00

Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding)  $3.50

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