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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Partagas LCDH (Havana) March 2020

                 It took me more than week of being in Havana before I was finally able to visit here on my last trip to Cuba. I didn't mind too much, they were extremely busy due to the Habanaos Festival that was taking place that week. I decided to go on the Saturday of that week and catch some of the guest's last visits to the shop before going back to their countries of origin. Luckily, my friend Alexandre Avellar from Brazil was there and I was able to exchange a few words with him before he went back home. It was a particularly special encounter as he had won the Hombre Habanos award the previous night and the Partagas family had ordered a little buffet from a local restaurant and offered beverages for the few guests that were present at that moment. A bottle of bubbly was popped, speeches were made and tears were shed. I can never emphasize enough the joy that this extended family bring to us every time we visit and sometimes even when we're thousands of kilometers away. This still is, as it has always been, a home away from home.
Saludos Partagas

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