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Monday 4 May 2020

Museo Nacional de la Cerámica Contemporánea (Museum of Contemporary Ceramics) Havana 2020

                   There was a time when a visit to the Ceramic museum was free, that has changed. Although admission is not expensive, a couple of CUC, it still shows you that times are changing in Havana. Upon entering you'll find a number of objects that are for sale for what I consider a reasonable price for what you're getting. However, going beyond that shop will cost you. It's still well worth it in my opinion, a fair bit to see that will keep you occupied for some time. There are many ceramic objects on display from famous Cuban artists spanning several decades. Some of the most famous artists, dead and alive, have their artwork on display here. A must visit for anyone who is even remotely interested in Art. I strongly recommend coming here.
                  The space the museum occupies was once the Casa de Francisco Aguilera Basabe, originally owned by merchants that once resided along this ancient road. The house was constructed in 1728.

Mercaderes #27, corner of Amargura
Hours: 9am-5pm Tues-Sat; 9am-1pm Sun
Admission: 2 or 3cuc

Teresa Sanchez 2009 Reverberacion

Rene Portocarrero 1956 Brujo

Flora Fong 1998

Ismany Gonzalez 2008 Maquina Para Olvidar

Sergio Mario Gonzalez 2008 Union

Luis Grasso - Zulimo 2002 En Cada Torrente

Adolfo Cesar Paradis 2008 Pensamiento

Aniceto Mario Diaz 1991 The Crucifixion

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez 1994

Edel Arencibia 2001 Cada Vez Me Parezco

Alberto Rivero Muniz 2012 Monumento

Wifredo Lam

Amelia Pelaez del Casal

Fernando Velazquez Vigil 1993

Julia Gonzalez 1981 Homenaje a Giron

Isavel Gimeno 2009

Lliana Gutierrez 1987 Forma Infinita

Marta Jimenez 1995 Chismosos

Beatriz Sala Santacana 2009 Genesis

Amelia Pelaez del Casal 1962 Mar Pacifico

Zaida del Rio 1980

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