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Monday 19 December 2011

Enrique Avila (artist)

                I really don't have anything to say about the artist. His paintings were being show on the ground floor of the Jose Marti Memorial in the Plaza de La Revolucion. That's that tall pointed building. He wasn't there and when I checked the internet there wasn't anything there except a site listing some of his paintings for sale.
I decided to show all the paintings. I hope some of you like them, they were a little bit busy?? for me. The collection is called 'Energias Ocultas' which translated means Ocult Energies.

                                Agujeros en El Espacio 2006

                                            Ascencion 2008

Caos 2005

El Eco de Las Piedras ( I ) 2007

El Eco de Las Piedras ( II ) 2007

Interiodades ( II ) 2006

Mas Alla del Sol ( I ) 2005

Otono Desde El Cielo 2005

Paisaje Desconocido ( I ) 2004

Paisaje Desconocido ( II ) 2005

Penetracion de Luz 2006

Senales de Humo 2006

Ventana Espacial 2010

Energias Ocultas ( I ) 2008

Energias Ocultas ( II ) 2009

Energias Ocultas ( III ) 2011

El Juego de Los Corales ( II ) 2009

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