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Friday 9 December 2011

Pasteleria Francesa, Habana Vieja

                 Breakfast, as we in North America know it, is not an easy find in Cuba. Except for the hotels, I have yet to find a place that does breakfast as we are used to here at home. It doesn't matter, I bring cerial from home or eat some fruit and yogurt. However, there is a place that I enjoy going to if I'm in the area and it's that time of day. The place is called "Pasteleria Francesa", next to Hotel Inglaterra near the Capitolio. If you are facing the front of the Capitolio, looking to your right, going towards Prado, after the Opera House, you will see the Hotel. Next to the hotel is the Pastry Shop.
                 The shop is not fancy and the service is neither bad or good. The coffees are just okay. I always have a cappuccino but it's basically a cafe con leche and that's fine. It's more about the pastries. This isn't France but it's not bad. There's usually a good selection of pastries, cakes and croissants of some kind. I enjoy it also because of it's location. There's always lots of movement and since I enjoy watching people it's an excellent location. If I'm planning a walking trip into Old Havana, I enjoy starting from this point. Give it a try, it's not expensive and if you're touring Old Havana, you'll end up here at some point.

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