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Monday 9 April 2012

La Zorra y El Cuervo (jazz club, Havana)

             The Jazz scene in Havana, Cuba is First Class and the best spot to catch the hottest jazz acts in town is at "La Zorra y El Cuervo". It's located in the heart of the Vedado district in the middle of the area they call "La Rampa", a strip of road that's become the Hub of Vedado.
              It's a shame I only discovered this place a couple of years ago but I visit every chance I get now. It hasn't changed in that time and neither has the format, it's jazz. The styles between one artist and the next may vary a little but it's unmistakeably jazz. The entrance is on the main street and looks like one of those old English telephone booths. When you enter you must go down a flight of stairs to get to the entrance to the bar. Once inside, the bar itself has the look of a pub. The Cover Charge is 10cuc, which gets you two drinks. Most drinks after that are about 2.50cuc. The doors open at 10pm and the band comes on at 11pm. I like to get there a bit earlier, maybe 9:45pm, so I can get a table close to the stage. The place isn't very large but I've never really seen it packed. With the low ceiling and the place being small, bands don't need to play very loud so being at the front of the stage doesn't hurt the ears. Otherwise the sound is good anywhere in the room.
               Being at "La Rampa" you are close many restaurants. The bar itself only serves limited finger foods but they aren't very appetizing. I suggest you grab a bite to eat elsewhere. I don't recommend anything in the immediate area, it all seems to be the typical tourist style eateries. None of them looked very appealing to me. There is one place that's close enough to walk to that I would strongly recommend, "Cafe Laurent", great food at a reasonable price. That's a great night for me, good food, great jazz and a Cuban cigar.

Below is the schedule for the month of April.

APRIL 2012
*D 1Ernesto Vega & su Trío
*L 2Aire de Concierto
*M 3Emir Santacruz & Espiral
*Mi 4Alexis Bosch & Proyecto Jazz Cubano
J 5Harold Lopez Nussa & Trio Herencia
V 6Jesús Fuentes & Santo Tomas Conection
S 7 Bellita & Jazztumbatá
D 8Lázaro Valdés & SON JAZZ
L 9Gilberto Valdés & Saxofilia
M 10Michel Herrera & Joven Jazz
Mi 11Alexis Bosch & Proyecto Jazz Cubano
J 12Yadasny Portillo & Cauce
V 13Oscar Valdés & Diákara
S 14Yasek Manzano & Proyecto
D 15Grupo Canela
L 16Aire de Concierto
M 17Ernesto Vega & su Trío
Mi 18Michel Herrera & Joven Jazz
J 19Yadasny Portillo & Cauce
V 20 Lázaro Valdés & SON JAZZ
S 21Bellita & Jazztumbatá
D 22Michel Herrera & Joven Jazz
L 23Aire de Concierto
M 24Lázaro Valdés & SON JAZZ
Mi 25Michel Herrera & Joven Jazz
J 26Yadasny Portillo & Cauce
V 27Oscar Valdés & Diákara
S 28Yasek Manzano & Proyecto
D 29 Mary Rodríguez
**L 30 Aire de Concierto e INVITADOS                                                                

La Zorra y El Cuervo
Calle 23 y O
Vedado, La Habana
tel. 833-2402

Cafe Laurent
Calle M #257 Penthouse e/19 y 21
Vedado, La Habana
tel. 831-2090   832-6890

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