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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Partagas Lusitania (cigar review)

                This cigar is from a box dated Sept.06. It had a bumpy, caramel coloured, veinless wrapper. Once lit the draw had a little resistance, slightly firm but perfect. It was already beginning to taste like one of the great Lucys with it's signature taste. I found it to be mild to medium with hints of tea and a touch of pepper from the start. The burn was almost even and eventually the ash dropped on it's own. It was beginning to get a little stronger becoming more of a medium body. The flavours began to change as well after the first third with more of a woody, nutty flavour. It was an absolute great cigar.
                 At about the halfway mark the burn was even then uneven and I found myself touching it up with my torch, something I'm used to with Cuban cigars. It also started to burn hotter through the middle and I touched it up for that as well. It didn't alter the flavour however, it continued to be a great smoke.
                  When there was a third left to go it began to taste a little bitter and I found myself relighting it on occasion because it was going out. Eventually it got too bitter for my taste and I had to put it down.
                   This is the Lusitania I remember. For me, it's not an overly strong cigar but the flavours are there, that typical Partagas nuance. I enjoyed it very much and wondered if any time would make it any better. I think not but I'm still going to wait a little while before smoking another.

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