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Saturday 27 April 2013

Club Havana LCDH (La Casa del Habano) Miramar, Havana

                 I've come to this La Casa del Habano more than several times during my many visits to Havana. It's one of, if not the best stocked Cigar Shop in the city. It seems that the famous 'Enrique Mons', ex-boss of quality control for the Cuban Cigar Industry years ago, has a lot of influence when it comes to stocking the humidor at this LCDH. You never know what goodies you'll find on the shelves or tucked away in some corner of this well stocked Humidor. Enrique later entered the retail end of the business and is thought to be the most knowledgeable person on the topic of cigars in Cuba. He managed this store for awhile but recently stepped down from that position. He was still there most days if he wasn't travelling somewhere but by this time he may no longer be. Rumour had it that Enrique was retiring from the store. Mons had always chosen the blends and vitolas of the cigars rolled by house roller Jorge. They even renamed the Lonsdale he rolls, the 'Monsdale'. Every good Aficionado knows the Monsdale. It will be interesting to see what happens when he's gone....who's going to choose the cigars to roll. I'll be there in a few days and hope to interview Jorge while I visit the store.
                  The shop is located at the old Biltmore Yacht & Country Club which today is known as 'Club Havana'. To enter the grounds you will have to pass a security check. Just tell them you're going to the Cigar Shop and they'll let you pass. You can see the store on the left side of the complex from the gate. When you enter the shop you have the counter directly in front of you with the impressive walk-in humidor to the right and the roller's table down in the end. To your left is the door to the entrance of the Smoking Lounge. The Lounge is fairly large for the amount of chairs it has. Tall ceiling with lots of natural light, a little different than the norm. The room contains two groups of big, comfy leather chairs and seats 4 per group. Besides a few stools at the bar, that's it for chairs in a rather large space. The bar is stocked with an assortment of liquor and beer. The day we were there Enrique Mons was celebrating his 70th birthday and witnessed Jorge presenting Mons with a replica Antique Cigar Jar filled with cigars he had rolled specially for him for this occasion. The Jars are made by a friend of mine in Havana, Ramon Iglesias Centeno for a reasonable price but not filled with smokes.

Club Havana
5th Ave. e/188 y 192
Miramar, Playa, Havana
tel (53 7) 204-5700

The Lounge

Jorge (house roller) presenting Mons with a Birthday Gift


Roller's Table

Walk-in Humidor


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