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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Montecristo Double Edmundo (cigar review)

              This is a great vitola for my favourite brand next to Cohiba. I like almost everything Montecristo does so I'm always happy when they come out with something new. This 50 gauge, 155mm (6.1") long Robusto Extra is a perfect size as far as I'm concerned, especially after a good hardy dinner. I'm not quite sure when they'll be released or what the packaging will be but one site I visited says they'll be sold by 5s & 25s. This particular one that I smoked was handed out during the Habanos Festival this past February.
               It wasn't a pretty cigar although it looks better in the pictures. I love the new band with the gold trim. I haven't heard any news on whether or not the rest of the vitolas will get the same band. It was smooth and bumpy all over, cap included but veinless with a dark caffe latte coloured wrapper. Rock hard to the touch but on the pre-light draw it was unbelievably perfect, an absolutely outstanding roll. Before lighting it the taste was mildly sweet and vegetal, nothing big or overpowering. Once lit the flavours were woody, very mild up to the first inch. Through the next inch I picked up some mustiness finishing with hints of chocolate. It tastes like a mild, smooth Montecristo and it's smoking really good right now....very smooth. The burn up to now has been pretty straight.
               Reaching the half this cigar is still mild with not too many changes. The wood is still there and so is the sweetness but it's not a very exciting cigar. By the last quarter it begins to pick up strength and become a bit bitter but it goes away shortly after that. It does remain a bit stronger at the last quarter but was still very smokeable. I was able to smoke it almost to the end.
               In conclusion: I like it but it's a very mild cigar and probably not for someone who prefers a big and powerful taste that some of the other Montecristos give you. It was a pleasure to smoke, it was perfectly rolled. If I had to guess, it was rolled in Monte's mother factory, The 'H.Upmann Factory'. I will definitely pick up a few when they're finally released. Maybe I can have one gifted to me from the Upmann factory when I visit next week, if they're being rolled now.



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