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Thursday 3 July 2014

Angel Ramirez Art Gallery (Pictorial) A Visit

                  I discovered the artist 'Angel Ramirez' on a trip a few years ago and always try to pay him a visit when I'm in the area. On this particular trip he was away on a showing in a foreign country. He is one of those artists that has been around awhile and who's art is well known within and outside Cuba. It has a sort of medieval look to it and something else that caught my eye, the extensive use of recycled materials that's unmistakably evident in many of his works. He doesn't restrict himself to paintings, he seems to transform any object into a work of art (see pictures to understand). It was unfortunate he wasn't in his studio, I would have liked to have exchanged a few words with him. It will have to wait for another time. For now I have the pictures I took on this visit. I hope you enjoy them.

Angel Ramirez
Taller La 6ta Puerta
Oficios no.6 esq/Obispo (altos)
Plaza de Armas, Habana Vieja
tel. +537 860 6866
cell +535 282 6485


  1. Wow, love the art, I must visit next time I am in Havana

  2. wow, I love the Art....I must remember to visit the gallery next time I am in Havana

  3. It's right above 'La Mina' restaurant....entrance from the side.