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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Trinidad Vigia (cigar review) unbanded pre-release

                  This cigar was gifted to me at the same time as the Cohiba Robusto Supremos that I reviewed recently....and I smoked the Trini right after the Cohiba. To say that it was great cigar smoking day is an understatement. Like all of you, these two cigars were on the top of my list of 'must try' and will now move to the list of 'must buy'....of course, when they're finally released. The Trinidad has yet to be released as well. Another magnificently rolled cigar, hard as a rock with a beautiful light coloured wrapper and a perfect pigtail topping the cap. It was dry to the touch and veinless, a pleasure to behold. This cigar weighs in at 54 x 110 (4.3"), a Petit Robusto.
                   I got nothing on the pre-light draw but could tell that it was going to be perfect. Once lit I picked up leather with hints of wood. It started out as a medium to mild smoke. I could just detect a wisp of roasted nuts creeping in. The burn was good at the 1/2 inch mark. At the first inch it was leather and wood with a little black tea. The ash fell on it's own at about the first quarter and it turned out to be mild once my taste buds settled in. It was very easy to smoke, very smooth, unusual for a cigar this young.
                   Around the halfway mark and this cigar had become very earthy with a touch of wood and was beginning to pick up strength. Into the 3rd quarter the wrapper split open a bit but as I continued to smoke it opened up more. Although the cracked wrapper wasn't affecting the flavour of the cigar, it did make for one ugly and eventual uncomfortable smoke. It was turning a bit on me at around the last quarter but blowing out would get rid of that nasty taste for a little while. 
                   It was obviously a young cigar, even though there was no roughness that's usually evident in one. The cigar was a little busy and I felt it needed a bit of time to settle down. I think a few years down the road and the first batch of these cigars that come out are going to be sought after by aficionados. That first release of an anticipated cigar is always the best and is rarely duplicated. I recommend buying them as soon as they come out if you had intentions of purchasing them. 

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