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Monday 7 July 2014

Casa de Conde de Lombillo (Havana) Plaza de La Catedral

          This beautiful home is located in the Plaza de La Catedral. If you're facing the church, it's the corner to the right. Built in 1741, it was once owned by the Count of Lombillo who attained his wealth from the slave trade. At one point in the mid 1800's, the building became the site for first and main post office for the city.
           The building has been renovated in the last decade and is now being used as a Museum and Art Gallery. This was once a great mansion, I love the typical courtyard that it contains. They've changed things around through the years, sometimes it acts more like a museum than an art gallery but it's always a nice way to spend 20-30 minutes. The view of the plaza and church from the upper floor balcony is lovely. You have photo ops, culture & history and it's all free. There's usually a guide who will try to offer you his services. I've never used him always give him a few coins. Below are some pictures of a current visit.

Casa de Conde de Lombillo
Plaza de La Catedral
Habana Vieja

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