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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Encuentro Amigos de Partagas 'En Italia' (Cuban Cigar Aficionado Event) June 24-27, 2015

                  Once again it's that time of year when Cigar Aficionados from all over Europe, and some from the rest of the world, gather in a Celebration of the highest Caliber. We are talking about the enjoyment of some of the finer things in Life (and I emphasize the word Life); food, beverage, culture, music and of course Cigars....did I forget anything. This alcove of the Marche Region in Italy has been the scene of this spectacular annual event that mimics a similar (and the original) event that takes place in November of every year in Havana. The 'Encuentro de Amigos de Partagas', as it's called in Cuba, has always attracted Aficionados from around the world, regardless of the distance. The one in Italy has made it accessible to more people from that side of the planet. Although it's not Cuba, they have always brought a bit of Cuba to Le Marche for these events. Quite a number of luminaries of the Cigar World in Havana are flown in for the event's duration and dozens of the participants have also been to the Cuban Encuentro giving it a similar feel. Not to put the Cuban's down but I imagine the food to be better at the Italian Encuentro. I say I imagine because regretfully I have yet to participate at one of these events and am embarrassed to say so. I'm much closer to the one in Havana, which I usually attend, but will have to make it to this one soon. I'm sure the show will continue for many years to come, I've only seen it get better through the years.
                 There will be a somber cloud hanging over this year's events with the passing of Massimo De Giovanni who was the heart and soul of the 'Encuentro in Italia" and a big reason for it's beginning, continued success and increased popularity. It has become the Premier Event of it's kind in Europe. Massimo was an avid and knowledgeable Cigar Smoker who always promoted the Culture among Italian Cigar Smoking Communities. However, I'm sure the troops will rally and the mood will be uplifted with good memories of our late friend. After all, we all know that Massimo would have wanted all of us to have a good time. That was his aura, that's his spirit, I never remember him being anything but upbeat and happy, ready for the next 'good time'. This year, the X° Aniversario Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia will be dedicated to Massimo.
                   Below is a list of some of the people that will attend this years Italian Encuentro followed by the itinerary. As you can see there will be many well known Cubans brought in and the festivities are well planned and splendidly executed. As always, it promises to be a memorable experience.

With the collaboration of the Cigar Club Matelica, Diadema Spa through Tobacconists
Boldrini and Grilli and the Consorzio Produttori del Verdicchio
under the patronage
of the Municipality of Matelica, the Marche Region & the Cuban Embassy in Italy

Here is a list of personalities attending this year's Encuentro:

Andrea Grignaffini, Alex Pietrogiacomi, Valerio Cornale, Paul De Sury, Jose Castelar Cairo AKA 'Cueto', Leopoldina Gutierrez Espinosa AKA 'La China', Zoe Nocedo Primo, Raquel Mayedo AKA 'Raquelita', Ramon Iglesias Centeno, Grecia Quinones Marrero, Alejandro Gonzales Pollan, Matteo Tornielli, Panos Kokkinoupolus, Andrea Vincenzi, Stefano Minoia, Aleyda Castellanos, A Representative from The Cuban Embassy, Giuseppe Elefante, Luigi Ferri, Angelo Bigi, Franca Comparetto and surprise guest.


Convivio Con Dante (Banquet with Dante)
Meeting "Divine Comedy" , dinner with music , poetry and cigars.

Fiesta Campesina
Open Grill with Rum, Wine, Beer & the accompaniment of the "Quartet Eccetera"

FRIDAY June 26
Live Music and Cigars....A Feast of Emotions
Speakers: Paolo Michele Jucker, Giuseppe Elefante & Stefano Minoia

Vintage Cigar Tasting with Aged Rum
Speakers: Alejandro Gonzales Pollan & Giuseppe Elefante

Fiesta di Benvenida (welcome dinner)
Cuban Music and entertainment with Rum, Beer, Wine & Cigars

All Day
Food & Wine stands are setup along downtown streets for tastings as well as a parade of Classic American Automobiles.

At City Hall: meeting between the City Authorities, Embassy of Cuba and Guests.

La Storia del Lector
Zoe Noceda Primo presents the seminar "Lector".

Laura Mariottini & Alessandro Oricchio from the University 'La Sapienza' in Rome, 
present the new documentary film:
La Otra Historia del Tabaco
With the participation of Aleyda Castellanos from Mintur with a videoclip on Cuba.

Vintage Cigar and Aged Rum Tasting with Winston Churchill
Speakers: Alejandro Gonzales Pollan, Giuseppe Elefante, Paul De Sury, 
Valerio Cornale and Alex Pietrogiacomi

Cena di Gala 
In the Piazza E. Mattei in Matelica
With chamber music, performances, Great Rums and 3 cigars

Cost of tastings and dinners:
Fiesta Campesina, Thursday 25 Jun: 35,00€, including cigar
Seminar: Live Music and Cigar a Feast Emotions, Friday 26 Jun: 20,00€
Seminar: Vintage Cigar and Aged Rum Tasting’, Friday 26 Jun: 50,00€
Welcome Dinner, Friday 26 Jun: 50,00€, including cigars
Seminars: The Story of the Lector & La Otra Historia del Tabaco, Saturday 27 Jun: free
Seminar: Vintage Cigar and Aged Rum Tasting with Winston Churchill, Saturday 27 Jun: 50,00€
Gala Dinner, Saturday 27 Jun: 110,00€, including cigars

Reservations are accepted until 15 June

For directions on how to reach Matelica, Hotel information and more, you can copy and paste the link below:

For booking information, contact Francesco Minetti at:

                 The pictures below were taken during last year's events. They were not taken by me but I was given permission to use them for this post. I wish I knew who the photographer was but my thanks go out to him just the same. Thank You

Local & Cuban Photograpers


  1. Looks like it's going to be a wonderful event..... You're spot on with the photographer; excellent pics :)

  2. ....and one the Americans can partake in without any special paperwork.

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