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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Robaina Art Edition 2006 (cigar review)

                  They call this cigar the Famoso Ramirez (Angel Ramirez is the artist who did the artwork on the band), it's a Hermoso no.4 or a Corona Extra. It weighs in at 48 x 127 (5"). They were packaged in numbered dress boxes of 25 cigars, only 200 were made and released in 2006. They have a double band, one being the Robaina & the other the artist's work with a number on the back. This is the first Habanos Art Edition done by Angel Ramirez, a very shy and talented artist that I had the pleasure of meeting years ago. As well as designing the band, he also produced 4 limited edition artworks. This cigar, and one other, were given to me by a generous BOTL, Thank You once again.
                 The pre-light gave me wood and chocolate. Once lit, the draw was flawless, mild, with flavours of wood and straw. The construction on this cigar was superb, it looked like they put attention to the rolling of these cigars. About a quarter of the way through the cigar, the flavours hadn't changed, very smooth but still mild. The burn was good.
                 Halfway through the cigar, the ash fell on it's own and the burn was perfect. This is a very mild and nondescript cigar but not unpleasant. A touch of earth crept in for a couple of draws but otherwise it remained the same throughout. I was able to smoke it down to the end.
                 I don't how many Aficionados would like this cigar for the hefty price tag that I imagine it has due to it's exclusivity and that it doesn't punch you in the taste buds but I enjoyed it regardless. Especially since I knew both the cigar's namesake and the artist who designed the band. Worth a try, at least one.

Number on the back of the band

Angel Ramirez the Artist who designed the band

The Artist's Studio & Gallery located above 'La Mina' restaurant. Corner of  'Plaza de Armas'

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