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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ranchon EL Pellizco (Just Outside Havana) Outdoor Restaurant

                I have no idea where this place is, I was taken here by my Cuban family returning from a trip to Vinales. It was evening, the sun was setting as we were entering Havana while traveling along the highway and we were hungry. My nephew asked if I wanted to check out this Cuban restaurant that does everything relating to Pork. They kill the pigs on the property and utilize every part of the animal, even deep-frying the skin for what is called chicharrones. I know this place is just outside Havana, driving from the restaurant to Hotel Comodoro in Miramar at around 8pm took about 25 minutes.
                Although it's not the healthiest food, I love the Pig and happily have it on occasion. My nephew assured me that the pig here was prepared very well and that it was inexpensive. This was a Cuban restaurant for locals, although I did see some other tourists mingled in with locals like myself, the table beside us sported a couple of Spaniards with a Cuban family. He also said the ribs here were great, my weakness. Alas, it was not to be, they were so good that they ran out. We had an array of pork dishes with all the fixin's, the table was piled with food. There was no way we could finish it and took quite a bit home. Some things were better than others, I preferred the Masas de Cerdo (Pork Chunks) and then the Lomo Ahumado (Smoked Loin). I really wanted the ribs, next time I guess. The 6-7 beer and couple of pop we had was almost as much as the food, the bill was about $28, I forgot to take a picture of it.
                This isn't so much a review as it is a little piece of information to tuck away. One day who knows, someone may ask if you want to come to this place, Do It.....if you like the Pig.
                 The pictures below show one picture of each of the different Pork dishes we had and the one 1/4 Chicken for the child. Between the 4 of us adults we had 5 Pork dishes @ $2 each (yes, $2 each). I ordered an extra one, that w as stupid, there were enormous quantities of meat on each dish. The menu prices are in Cuban Pesos which means 25 equals $1usd. A couple could easily share a Lomo Ahumado, Salad and Yukka.....$3.20 plus tip (4 beers would cost you about the same).

chicharrones (80 cents)

platanos (40 cents)

platano maduro (40 cents)

yukka (40 cents)

rice (40 cents)

seasonal salad (80 cents)

bistec de cerdo (pork steak $2)

chicken ($2)

lomo ahumado (smoked loin $2)

masa de cerdo (chunks $2)


  1. I have been there and it is awesome. So many places like it throughout Caribbean and Central America. Thanks for the article..

    1. Cool, I didn't think anyone had been there. Thanks for following.

  2. Hola me encanta la comida del lugar podría dejarme un número de teléfono para llamar

  3. Lo siento, pero yo no la tengo. Sé que parece un poco loco.