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Wednesday 2 March 2016

El Rey del Mundo Infantes Edición Regional Cuba 2013 (my thoughts) Box Date June 2013

                  So here we are once again after a couple of years trying out another one of these cigars. A quick recap....these cigars sold out shortly after they were released with the anticipation of them being great cigars. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this cigar, but it has been a bit disappointing.
                  The wrapper is slightly bumpy and on the darker side. The pre-light draw gave me very faint wood. Once lit the draw was perfect with flavours of wood, earth and a touch of barnyard....very mild. After the first inch nothing has changed. The burn was pretty good but I had to flick the ash, I was smoking in someone's house. Nearing the first half and thereafter the burn was off and I touched it up with my torch from time to time. During the last third the strength picked up and it was more on the earthy side. I had to put it down not long afterwards as it had turned on me and became a little unpleasant to smoke.
                   As I said, it's not as bad cigar but a little mild and very uncomplicated. It's probably more the anticipation of something bigger that makes this cigar a bit of a letdown in my opinion. This would a perfect cigar for a novice. Good luck in finding any of these cigars and definitely not for the original price. I heard a box of 10 go for over $400 in the US (originally less than $70).


  1. Beautiful looking cigar.... Just don't care for them; way too light of a smoke🤕

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    2. A little mild for my taste as well.