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Thursday 10 March 2016

La Catedral de San Isidro (Holguin) Two Popes Visited Here

                        I want to start by saying I have not been to this place and theses pictures aren't mine. They're compliments of a fellow BOTL who I've been smoking cigars with these past couple of Monday nights. Holguin is better known for it's beach resorts in Guardalavaca which is about an hour away from the city of Holguin and this church. My friend stayed in one of those resorts and took a day trip into the city on this day.
                       The original building, the first building constructed in Holguin & not the one standing now, was blessed April 3 of 1720 and survived until between 1818 and 1820. About ten years after the original building was constructed a stronger one was made but by the 1790's it had deteriorated to the point of needing to build a new one. That new building which was completed by 1815, was inaugurated between 1818 and 1820 and is the one that stands there today. It's named after the city's patron saint. The twin towers which are not in the pictures were added in 1910. It was promoted to the status of Cathedral in 1979 and consecrated in 1996. Pope John Paul II visited this church in 1998, the first ever papal visit to the country. There is a statue of John Paul II located in the atrium of the Cathedral weighing about three tons, it was made by Cuban artists. Pope Francis recently visited on September 21 of this past year. 

I want to thank my friend for the use of his pictures.

Calle Maceo No. 112, Holguín
open daily 8-12 & 4-6

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