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Thursday 10 March 2016

Madrigal Bar Cafe (Havana) Return Visit

                     We discovered this place when it had just opened over three years ago, how time flies. We loved it but hadn't been back since then but I always had it my mind to do it, on this trip we finally did. The concept, tapas and light fare, hasn't changed, nor has the quality. The food menu is very limited, especially compared to the drinks list. This place is more a bar that offers some finger foods for whoever may get hungry. Although we haven't been here during that hour, this place gets hopping later on at night with Cubans in the Arts industry and students. We were leaving one evening as the place was beginning to fill up. The space has been decorated with artifacts of sound and vision from a bygone era and art from a famous local artist. If someone transported you here blindfolded you would never think you're in Havana.
                     We ordered several items off the menu; Falafel (very nice and served with sour cream), Stuffed Tostones (stuffed simply with cream cheese...tasty), Frittura de Malanga (loved it, taro root croquettes), Eperlan Pollo (chicken strips, real chicken) and Salteado de Pollo (chicken stir-fry, not what I was expecting but not bad). We had several drinks and except for the Gin & Tonic that was $6, the pricing wasn't too bad. Everything came out to $33. We commented on how inexpensive it was here when we came 3 years ago and it's still that way. They have three spaces, the main room where the bar is, the back room set up like someone's living room (lounge) and the small patio in the front overlooking the street (second floor). If you want a seat on the patio you better get there early, it's not that big. I will return and I recommend anyone looking for a place to have a few drinks to check it out. Too bad it's not anywhere with traffic, or maybe that's a good thing. It's in a residential area, the second floor of a house in Vedado.

Madrigal Bar Cafe,
Calle 17 Nº 809 altos e/ 2 y 4,
Vedado, Havana
Tel. 53 (7) 8312433

Restaurant on the second floor

Main Room

Main Room looking towards the front of the restaurant

The Back Lounge

Taken from the back Lounge


Stuffed Tostones 2cuc

Falafel 2cuc

Frittura de Malanga - Taro Root Croquettes 3cuc

Chicken Vegetable stir-fry - Salteado de Pollo 5cuc

Chicken Strips - Eperlan Pollo 3cuc

Total 33cuc

Patio in the Background


  1. Another great info about linda Habana. Thanks Matteo

    1. It's always my pleasure. Thank You for reading.