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Thursday 29 September 2016

A Walk Among the Mansions (Cubanacan) Havana

                     In the western part of Havana, deep into the Miramar district, there's an area known as Cubanacan. Here, the tree-lined avenues that crisscross over gently rolling hills are dotted with stately mansions. Prior to the revolution these houses were owned by local and foreign millionaires. Today they're owned by the government and known as protocol houses. They're used as residences or embassies for foreign diplomats and their families as well as for special foreign guests and homes for some of the Cuban higher-ups. While walking along these roads you get a good idea of the opulence that existed at that time. There's lots of space between houses and they're usually away from the road with a driveway leading to the front entrance. Some that have important guests residing within are gated and some you can't even stop in front of, let alone take a picture of. It's safe to say that there are many more houses like the ones in the pictures below. I couldn't capture images of some of the properties due to either immense vegetation or wall (or both). For those of you who are Cigar Enthusiasts, this is where the 'El Laguito' cigar factory can be found.

El Laguito cigar factory

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