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Saturday 10 September 2016

Castropol (Restaurant) Havana

                   The full name of this restaurant is the 'Sociedad Asturiana Castropol' because of the building's connection to an old Spanish Society that still has minimal control over a couple of locations in the city. Generally and consistently the food here and in another similarly controlled restaurant, La Terraza, is very good for my tastes. Both Castropol and La Terraza are favourites and as long as they continue to be consistent they will continue to be favourites.
                   Castropol is located right on the Malecon and if you happen to come at the right time and sit on the upstairs patio you can catch a beautiful sunset as we did on our last visit. The restaurant has two sections, an upstairs and a downstairs. The downstairs concentrates on the grill and is cheaper while the upstairs is more an international and traditional cuisine and is a little more expensive. In my opinion neither one is expensive at all, although the downstairs is a bit more inexpensive. Both sections have provided us with consistently good food over the last 7-8 years and it's why it has always been a go-to place for us. The service has always been very good, it seems like they're striving to do good and it shows. We have yet to be disappointed and I strongly recommend a visit to this spot at the very least if you're in the area. Does it compare to some of the newer restaurants opening up today? No. The decor isn't bad but it doesn't compare to the decor and themes of some places opening up lately. Does the food compare to the new places? Not compared to some. Many of the new restaurants try very hard to create a theme and menu to go with it that is brilliant at times. However, as far as being consistently good and providing a worthy meal at a reasonable price, Castropol is a Gem. Give it a shot. Below I've posted menus for both the upstairs and afterwards the downstairs sections. The wine list is the same for both sections. Those of you who know of this place and remember the pastry shop that opened between the two floors.......the pastry shop is now closed.

PS......The Ribs served downstairs is one of our favourite dishes.

Calle Malecón 107

Guacamole Seafood Appetizer 5.75

Lobster Cocktail Appetizer 6.50

Swordfish 8.70

Ratatouille 2.80

Fish of the Day 8.70

Frittura de Malanga 2.70

Masas de Cerdo Fritto (Pork) 7.80

Ribs 8.75

White Rice 1.50

Black Beans 1.95

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