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Tuesday 27 September 2016

El Puerco Asado (Guanabacoa) Havana Roast Pork Delivery

                     I discovered this place this past summer while in Cuba. We were having a gathering of people at the house and didn't want to tire anyone by having them spend the entire day in the kitchen. Someone suggested a spot across the street from the Ranchón El Pellizco in Guanabacoa (25 minutes from our house in Playa) where we would be lunching that day. The spot we checked out was the "El Puerco Asado" (the roast pork) where they specialize in Roast Pork and most importantly....they deliver. They do everything on site: raise, kill and cook the animals on the property and in the open for you to see when you make your order. We opted for the leg which they said would feed 20-25 people (it could feed more). It comes with Congri (black beans & rice), Vianda (yucca), Ensalada de Estacioin (seasonal salad which was: avocado, cabbage & cucumber) & a bottle of Mojo (Cuban Garlic Sauce), they sent us a free basket of  Chicharrones (fried pork skin...yummy). All this food delivered and on time for only 70cuc which in my opinion is a pretty good price. By the time I bought the raw meat which could barely fit in my oven, bought all the other ingredients and employed someone to cook it for me, it would cost me almost half as much....but that doesn't take into consideration the time spent. I know some of you seasoned travelers to Cuba will say that for a few dollars more they can get a whole pig....but I didn't need or want a whole pig and this was well worth it and more than sufficient for our needs. As I said, it came on time and was still hot, wrapped in plastic and/or palm tree leaf.
                    The only problem I see, which really isn't a problem, is you have to go there to order it at least the first time to create a relationship. It wasn't a problem in my case because I love the restaurant Ranchón El Pellizco which is practically next door and went there for a cheap lunch right afterwards. They wanted no money upfront, which pleasantly surprised me, and everything went off without a hitch.

+53 7 681 0231
+53 5 292 2170
km 19 de la Via Monumental
next to Ranchón El Pellizco


Roasting the Pork with wood that gives it it's smoky flavour

The Delivery


Roast Pork

Black Beans & Rice


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