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Monday 16 April 2018

Alejandro Cordoves Rodriguez (Cuban Artist) Havana

                        In Art Circles pottery is considered a lesser form, however, there are exceptions such as Cuban Artists; Amelia Peláez, Alfredo Sosabravo and Nelson Domínguez, just to mention a few of the more outstanding ones. Inspired by these masters but trying to make his own way is the young artist Alejandro Cordovés Rodríguez.
                        I happened to find his exhibit, 'Fábulas Mecánicas' shown here at the Museum of Colonial Art, while visiting the museum last year...and on my next trip to Havana I wandered into the Casa de México Benito Juárez on Calle Mercaderes where he was showing his most recent exhibit, 'Los Hijos de Frankenstein'. He uses a lot of recycled material in a playful way to get his message across, what that message is, I don't know, but I love his work, it's comical, it's fun. There is a reoccurring character that looks like a nasty Mr. Potato Head (Fábulas Mecánicas), it actually is modeled after a friend's old Piggy Bank. In the Frankenstein exhibit he creates deformed monsters out of many recycled materials. This seems to be his style. Both showings were quite whimsical.
                       Alejandro Cordovés Rodríguez  graduated from the San Alejandro Academy in 1997 and later from the University of the Arts in 2003. He's been a professor since 2003 until present-day, he teaches Drawing, Painting & Ceramics. He works in the Ceramic Workshop of (ISA). It wasn't until 3 years after entering the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) that he began working with ceramics, when he had to enroll in an optional workshop.

Fábulas Mecánicas 2017

Bon 2016

Colgados 2016

Objecto de Cambio 2016

Hermanos 2016

Mutacion 2016

Artefacto 2013

Servicio Publico 2016

Yuri y Tamayo conocen a Laika 2017

Virus 2016

Prologo 2017

Los Hijos de Frankenstein 2018

In - Fusion 2018

Estirando La Comida 2017

Dieta Reforzada 2017

Hijo de Hombre 2018

Resurreccion 2017

Fosil 2018

Buscando a Alicia 2017

Mutacion II 2017

Juguete Bifido 2018

Flash 2017

Plato Fuerte 2017

Dragon 2018

Via Lactea 2017

Cochinator II 2017

Los Colores de La Vida 2013

Caries 2018

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