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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Partagas Factory (Havana) March 2018

                       Let me start by saying that the picture of the front of the Partagas factory below is not where the factory is located today. Due to structural deterioration they had to move daily operations to a different location for the safety of the workers. However, the pictures of the inside of the factory were taken at it's current location at Calle San Carlos #812 e/ Peñalver y Sitio in Centro Habana on my trip last March. The Partagas Cigar Shop is still located on the ground floor of the original factory and is still giving it's customers excellent service and providing not just the Partagas cigar brand but most other brands as well depending on availability at the time. We all know Partagas as a premium brand that's liked by most aficionados and loved by many but there is a lot more to it than a name on band they put on a good tasting cigar and a on a sign of a famous cigar shop....there actually was someone named Partagas. I was given a little tidbit by someone in the industry.....the Partagas factory has surpassed the H.Upmann factory for quality of product leaving it's doors (according to his opinion). That doesn't mean that good cigars aren't rolled in other Cuban cigar factories, it just means that at this moment in time Partagas may have more experienced rollers than others.

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