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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Trinidad Review

            Hello again. I want to begin by apologizing ahead of time. I'm not an expert reviewer. I don't use the fancy words because when I smoke a cigar I taste tobacco. However, I will do my best.
            Over the past few days I've had time to smoke through almost the entire Trinidad line. From left to right: Short Robusto T Edicion Limitada 2010  50 x 4, Coloniales  44 x 5 1/4, Fundadores  40 x 7 1/2, Reyes  40 x 4 3/8 & Robusto Extra  50 x 6 1/8.
             The strongest was the Short Robust. It actually stoned me for about 30 minutes. The rest are regular production & the Reyes is by far the strongest, kicks your butt from start to finish. It's not for the novice, size is deceiving. Good draw but burns very unevenly at times. The next stongest would be the Robusto Extra but I found them to be inconsistant. They didn't all taste the same or burn the same. Maybe I got a bad batch but I still enjoyed the blend. It starts out very strong & then mellows till the halfway point where it picks up strength again. I found I was fighting it when it was down to a third. The mildest was the Fundadore but an even burn every time & the most consistant of all. Nice creamy taste, almost sweet. I liked the Coloniales as an anytime of day smoke. Easy to smoke, good draw every time & nicely balanced.
              Overall, they were all good, some better than others. Are they worth the money?? I'm a Cohiba man & I don't regret spending the same money on them. Beautifully rolled, smooth wrappers, a rich smoke and you definitely can taste the difference. I would try them given the opportunity because not everyone's tastes are the same & then you can decide for yourself. I'm going to enjoy what I have left but buy more Fundadores & Coloniales.

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