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Sunday 31 July 2011

Vedado (no la olvide)

            In all my trips to Havana over the years it wasn't until this last one that I really got to see Vedado. Usually, most tourists with myself included, make a bee-line for Old Havana. It's the postcard perfect little city within a city with everything within walking distance.
            Vedado on the other hand is modern in comparison with a lot of upscale houses. It's a wonderful mixture of old and new with a lot more space. The buildings aren't all stuck together like in old havana, there's space in-between houses. You'll find many good hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues all within walking distance, depending on where you stay. I rented an apartment close to
and went for a walk one day. I saw a great deal within a short time (2 hours), most of which is in the photos below. For hotels I recommend the Hotel Nacional if you want history and character & the
if you want modern.
              For entertainment I recommend 'La Zorra y El Cuervo' where I've seen some of the best jazz & latin jazz, 'Jazz Cafe' where you'll see anything from jazz, afro cuban jazz, rock funk & rythum & blues and finally 'Gato Tuerto' where things start late & end later with a different band every hour or so until 3 or 4am. Here the music is more laid back, Cuban traditional or boleros. All 3 places have a small cover charge and all have mature crowds of mostly tourists. Most Cubans can't afford to go to these places.

Jose Marti

Hotel Nacional

Lennon Park

Famous tree in front of the University

The University

Jose Marti Monument in the Plaza de La Revolucion

Jazz Cafe

La Zorra y El Cuervo

Gato Tuerto

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