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Friday 15 July 2011

Trinidad (the town)

             Trinidad is located in south central Cuba, near the Escambray Mountains & close to the ocean. It's been one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites since 1988.
             Founded in 1514 by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar. It is one of the best preserved cities in the caribbean. It feels like time stood still with its cobblestone streets & pastel coloured houses. You have a pristine beach close by & Casilda Bay offers good diving & snorkeling.
             I enjoyed my visit to Trinidad but it was short. I was staying in Cienfuegos at the time & made Trinidad a day trip. I hired a taxi for the day (10 hours) & it cost me 75cuc. It's a little more than an hour drive from Cienfuegos & more than 3 from Havana. Once I reached Trinidad I was in awe, nothing has changed for hundreds of years. I didn't see very much outside of the town itself but it was enough for this trip. I've read that the "Valley of the Sugar Mills" and the "Torre Iznaga" are must sees.
             The town had a laid back tranquil feel to it & the fact that the core was pedestrian only, helped. There was a faint sound of live music playing in the air. I followed it to this quaint little bar. They had live musicians which changed every couple of hours. You can sit back, have a Rum, smoke your cigar & be thrown back in time. The whole town is trying to sell you something; meals, accomodations or handicrafts. One of the things they're known for is their lace. They have some beautiful lace tablecloths, as you can see in one of the pictures. We ate lobster tail in someone's home, 9cuc each with rice & vegetables. Excellent.
               I would go back for maybe 3 days. While I was there I checked out this hotel "Las Cuevas" . It sits a little ways above the town but only a short walk away. You have a lovely view of the town & the whole countryside with the mountains on one side & the ocean on the other. This is where I would stay. Maybe on my next trip.


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