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Friday 22 June 2012

Por Larranaga Legendario Edicion Regional Espana 2011 (cigar review)

              This cigar was sent to me by friends in Italy. A beautiful looking cigar and an excellent size, a Double Robusto @ 50 x 170 (6.7"). It had a smooth, veinless, oily, slightly mottled wrapper with a well constructed cap.
               The cigar had a good draw once lit and I picked up flavours of coffee and wood off the start. It began as a medium bodied smoke but once it settled down it went to mild. It had a perfect draw and burn. Still within the first quarter I was beginning to pick up some chocolate. I'm almost sure that what I was drinking had something to do with the flavours I was getting from this stick. I was drinking a 15 year old Zacapa Rum which went very well with this cigar. By the time I got through the first quarter the burn was off so I touched it up with my torch. It was getting a bit floral and stronger, back to a medium body again.
                At about the halfway mark the burn was still off and had been for most of the cigar, typical of Cubans but not always the case. I had to keep touching up this cigar and it was getting milder again. I was now picking up hints of wood.
                 By the last third the flavours got fuller but the cigar got milder, if that makes any sense. It was very Cuban-like in taste. It started to turn on me at the last quarter and not long after that I had to put it down. This was a rather pleasant smoke that I would recommend anyone to try that has the opportunity. I'm sure a little age will only do this cigar some good. If I can find some more I would be happy to add a few to my humidor.

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