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Thursday 3 January 2013

Bolivar Belicoso Fino (cigar review) Box Date Nov.2010

                   This is the second last cigar from this box and I wish I would have saved a few more. They seem to be coming around. This smooth cigar had a dark and veinless wrapper with no seams. It was hard to the touch with a beautifully pointed cap. The cigar was so hard I was worried I might have a problem with the draw but on the pre-light draw it seemed to be alright. It tasted a bit salty and the cigar fealt very hard between my teeth but the draw was ok. The burn was a bit off so I touched it up with my torch. I'm picking up leather and earth on this medium-strong body cigar. At about halfway through the first quarter the cigar picks up strength. I reach the first quarter and the burn stayed straight.
                    And so it continues like this without much of a change, it becomes a bit stronger but the flavours remain the same until the halfway mark. I flick the ash so not to make a mess later. It picks up strength again at this point and  I begin to taste a bit of wood. Flicked the ash again at the last quarter when I realized the cigar was burning a bit hot through the middle so I touched it up. I slowed down my smoking so not to make it too hot and harsh to smoke. It still maintained it's flavour and even though it was a little strong it was still smokeable.
                     There was about an inch left when I finally put it down. It was quite strong and the flavours weren't really changing so it was my time to stop. As I said earlier, I wish I had saved a few more. This cigar was a lot more difficult to smoke when it was younger but a couple of years did it a lot of good. One more year and it would have been perfect. A great smoke.

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  1. This is possibly one of the strongest and full bodied Cuban cigar out there. And the construction of the cigar is flawless.