Robaina's plantation

Thursday 11 June 2015

Hood Ornaments of Cuba (June 2015)

                 I've posted several groups of pictures of Classic Automobiles over the years from my many trips to Cuba. However, not long ago I saw something that gave me the idea to post about an object that's almost as interesting and just as extinct, the hood ornament. Sure, they still exist to some degree on certain cars made today but they don't compare to the extent that car manufacturers went to in the past. The hood ornament has gone to the wayside like tail fins and chrome. They were almost an art form on certain models. Most of them portrayed jets or airplanes of some shape or another, making the buyer imagine that the automobile he was about to purchase could fly, or at least reach supersonic speeds. Below are pictures of just a few of the artworks I saw through my travels this month in Cuba. I hope you enjoy them.