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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Casa de Las Americas (Havana) Art Gallery Visit. March 2016

                     I've been wanting to come back to this place for some time now and wondering if they changed the Art that was on display at the time of my last visit. I wasn't disappointed, they changed the display. Like before, someone greeted us at the front door, the same old lady as last time. She was the expert guide but did a lot more than that for this institution. She knew everything about the displays, the artists and the building. Like before, we were the only ones there visiting this gallery.                  
                     The Casa de Las Americas was founded by the Cuban government in April 1959, 4 months after Fidel took over. The Casa's founder and President until her death in 1980 was Haydee Santamaria. She fought alongside other women during the Revolution and was rumoured to have been one of Fidel Castro's mistresses. It's safe to say that the Casa was born from the Revolution. It contains the most complete collection of Latin American Art dating back from 1960 to present date anywhere. It's become a Cuban Institution promoting Latin American and Caribbean Arts and Culture as well as researches, supports, awards and publishes the works of writers, sculptures, musicians and other artists or students of literature and the Arts. Annual programs include talks, workshops and prizes for literature as well as painting, photography, musicology and engravings.
                   This isn't only an Art Gallery, it's also a Latin American Cultural Hotspot. There is so much more to this place, it even contains a specialist Library which I'm going to have to check out sometime. If you like Art it's definitely worth a visit. Admission is free, I just gave our guide a few dollars that she deserved. I would give myself at least an hour inside the gallery, there is a fair bit to see.

Casa de Las Americas
Calle 3ra y Avenide de Los Presidentes (G)
tel  (7) 552706  (7) 334554

tues-sat 10am-4:30pm
sun 9am-1pm

view of malecon from upper floor balcony

Jose Morales (Puerto Rico) 1999

Carlos Alonso (Argentina) 1965

Carlos Alonso (Argentina) 1965

Antonia Eiriz (Cuba) 1969

Sandu Darie (Cuba) 1969

Eduardo Kingman (Ecuador) 1978

Mario Toral (Chile) 1979

Gontran Guanaes Netto (Brasil) 1976

Ricardo Migliorisi (Paraguay) 2006

Mario Calvit (Panama) 1973

Fernando Urena Rib (Domenican Republic) 1975

Enrique Tabara (Ecuador) 1978

Leonilda Gonzalez (Uraguay) 1983

Flavio Shiro (Brazil) 1976

David Alfaro Siquieros (Mexico)

Flavio Garciandia (Cuba) 1981

Gracia Barrios (Chile) 1975

Wifredo Lam (Cuba) 1957

Vincent Rojo (Mexico) 1958

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