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Monday 18 April 2016

La Chucheria (Havana) family restaurant

                       Their downtown location is branded as a Sports Bar but this one in Miramar is a Family Restaurant in my opinion. With the jungle gym in plain view just outside the front entrance, it wasn't put there for me that's for sure, my jungle gym days are far behind me. We came for the kids and it was no disappointment in that department. The food is light fare with Sandwiches and Pizzas taking the front stage with Salads and Pastas right behind them. Pizza and Pasta, the typical food that's enjoyed by kids around the world. The decor looks like a diner out of a 50's movie with the young server's outfits to match. The paraphernalia hung about the restaurant is that of products sold back during that time and I wouldn't be surprised if they were original pieces from before the Revolution.
                        The pizzas are thin crust and under $6 with two toppings. The Salads are enormous with a considerable amount of toppings. The sandwiches are served on a baguette style bread (very nice) and very well stuffed with good quality product with the most expensive being $4.90. The milkshakes are out of this world. I didn't know it at the time but they serve breakfast in the morning. I would be interested in trying their American Breakfast with eggs, toast, bacon, cheese and juice for $3.45. Considering where we were and what it was, this was excellent value and the food was pretty good. I know there are mixed reviews about this place but for what we had we were more than satisfied. Speaking of mixed reviews, the desserts look like a frozen product and if they've been sitting out too long they may taste a little crappy. Inside it's air-conditioned with music videos playing on the big screen tvs while the waitresses are catching up on what their friends are doing on their cell phones.....sound familiar. Smoking is allowed on the outdoor patio but not inside. Parking service (meaning someone watching your car) and wheelchair access.

La Chucheria
Calle 1ra No. 4 esq 28. Playa
+53 7 2125013
Hours of operation:
7 Days a Week: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m

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