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Monday, 4 April 2016

Toros y Tapas (Restaurant Review) Havana

              A Cuban friend of mine had been ranting about this place for months now and by chance we visited on this late afternoon and found that person there at the same time....what a coincidence and what a lovely afternoon we had.
               The indoors is fairly ample but the outdoor patio and smoking section only has two tables, so you better reserve if you want to smoke. The service was pleasant and cheerful but the real star was the Spanish Style food. The food wasn't only exceptional, it was relatively inexpensive by our standards. Most things I recognized and some I didn't, the tripe with chick peas for example, which isn't my cup of tea, I understood while writing this blog. I had the beef carpaccio as my primary starter (as I do many times) and loved it but we had many appetizers placed in the middle of the table. I forgot to mention that before we ordered, several tapas were scattered around the table for us to nibble on, most of which I've never seen before....ate too fast to take pictures of them. Getting back to the food, my girlfriend had the stuffed eggplant which was done very well and which she loved, check out the pictures below. I noticed while writing this post that they had another eggplant dish on the menu that if prepared properly I'm sure girlfriend is going to love....Moussaka or Musaka as they call it. A variation of a dish I've seen many times in Havana called Tamal en Casuela (cornmeal in casserole) is usually centered by some kind of meat. In this case it was centered with a lobster stew....heavenly. The Garbanzos Fritos, one of my favourite classic Spanish dish was one of the better ones I've had as were their version of BBQ pork ribs. The dessert menu was limited but well prepared, the Crema Catalana or Creme Brulee being my favourite of the 4.
                 All in all it was a wonderful experience that was shared with good friends sitting on a patio smoking cigars afterwards accompanied by a semi cool breeze. I wasn't able to see what the total of this bill was, as someone else had paid before I was able to see or do anything (Thanks to You my friends, I hope you're reading this). You're going to have to take my word for it that it was a reasonably priced establishment but you can see for yourself with the menu I've below. Please check them out if you're out that way, you won't be disappointed. PS....Walter's new Italian restaurant, 'Nero di Seppia', is right next door.

Toros & Tapas
Calle 6 e/ 3ra y 1ra. No. 124.
Playa, Miramar, Havana
tel. +53 7 2021548
Hours of operation:
From 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. Everyday

Tamal en Cazuela con Enchilado de Langosta 

Garbanzos Fritos....exactly translated is Fried Chick Peas (appetizer)

Beef Carpaccio Appetizer

Xistorra con papas y piementos verdes frittos...sausage with fries and fried green peppers (appetizer)

Sausages (unknown menu name)

Callos con Garbanzo Appetizer....Tripe with Chick Peas

Potatoes au gratin (side dish)

Stuffed Eggplant Appetizer (above and below)

Main Course Pork Ribs (above and below)

Crema Catalana....basically a Creme Brulee (dessert)

Semifreddo (dessert)

Flan....Cuban Creme Caramel (dessert)

Minitorrejas con Helado...basically a Sundae (dessert)

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